2016 Pfneisl Zweigelt, Liter

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A liter of peppery red wine from eastern Austria. Made by a pair of sisters that come from a winemaking family, they work with grapes grown on both the Austrian and Hungarian side of the border. Organically farmed Zweigelt, the country's most important red variety. Excellent for dinner and sharing with companions.

From the mouth of the importer (Blue Danube):

"Another fun and delicious project from sisters Birgit and Katrin Pfneisl. Rather than make wine with their father and uncles who run the well established family estate in Austria, the sisters decided to farm their ancestral vines in Sopron, Hungary. From the outset, their wines contrasted sharply with those of their elders. Organic farming, old vines and wild fermentation, all contribute to the finesse of their wines. They're lighter, prettier, less structured, more aromatic, so we were happy to discover Birgit and Katrin's increasing involvement in the Austrian estate. The Austrian Zweigler is another collaborative project between Blue Danube Wine Co and the Pfneisl sisters, born from the common goal of deepening our relationships with each other and our common love of Austria's dearest red grape, Zweigelt."

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