2016 Pepiere "La Pepie" Cabernet Franc, 750ml

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A bright, tart cherry noted red with hints of earthiness and tobacco. A producer more known for makes white wines in the Muscadet appellation, Pepiere has purposefully branched out by planting red varieties finding his property well-suited for making dry red wines. Organically farmed, indigenous yeasts, and only small doses of sulfur used as needed.

From the mouth of the importer (David Bowler):

"His primary goal in his early winemaking days was to simply make wine. So he used using cultured yeasts and sulfur like most others in this wet, windswept western Loire region. As Marc matured as a winemaker, he began experimenting with native yeast fermentation and cutting down to minimal amounts of SO2. The results were extraordinary; the wines showed greater depth, richness and complexity. Encouraged by his success, Marc began transitioning all his vineyards to organic and continued his minimalist approach in the winery. His racy, mineral-driven Muscadets have since become the benchmark for the region and have opened up a world of previously unknown potential in the area. Marc's success is combination of good fortune (his vineyards were never touched by wine consultants encouraging new, higher yield clones) and an open-minded, experimental approach to making the best possible wines."

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