2017 Olivier Minot "La Boutanche" VDF Gamay,750ml

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Olivier Minot grew the Gamay grapes for this liter bottle of juicy red wine. His vineyards are in the south of Beaujolais and are every bit emblematic of Selection Massal's mission to deliver quality natural wine at a good price.

From the mouth of the importer (Selection Massale):

"When we were first starting out, we quickly became disappointed with the lack of good natural wine in the sub-$20 range. Not being the kind of people to say ‘well, it is what it is’, we got to work thinking about how we could remedy this situation. So, we started talking with our producers and, already knowing what we wanted - native yeast fermentations, low or zero SO2 additions, and the like; basically pure unadulterated glou glou natural wine that we could put into a liter-sized screw-top bottle that would be a great introduction to natural wine"

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