2016 Natalino Del Prete "Torre Nove" Negroamaro, 750ml

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A stinky, southful wine from southern Italy made entirely with the Negroamaro grape. Is that tripe we smell in the wine mixed with some ripe red fruit? Yes, why not. 

From the importers mouth(Louis/Dressner):

Natalino Del Prete is as old school as they come. His wines, made in the simplest way possible, are full of rustic character and serve as a perfect example of unpretentious peasant wine meant for everyday consumption.

Vines have been in the Del Prete family for generations, but Natalino was the first to focus exclusively on viticulture. Working with 10 hectares of vines, the indigenous Primitivo and Negroamaro consist of the majority of his production, but a small amount of Malvasia Nera and Aleatico are grown as well. The viticulture is more about restraint than anything else: no fertilizers, minimal plowing, no irrigation and no chemicals (Natalino has been certified organic since 1994).

This philosophy extends to the cellar, where the wines ferment and age in large concrete tanks. Very few if any rackings occur, and a minimal dose of sulfur is added only at bottling.

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