2016 Montebernardi "Fiasco" Chianti, 1L

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100% Sangiovese Chianti from an organic farm that uses biodynamic practices. The vines are 350 meters above sea level and surrounded by forests. A liter-sized bottle that is ideal of sharing with family or guests.

From the mouth of the importer (T. Edward):

"FIASCO! is produced from 100%, organically farmed Sangiovese grapes from high altitude vineyards that lend an aromatic nose and an elegant tannin structure. The wines is on the lighter side of medium-bodied with a great depth of flavor. Deep ruby in color, the wine offers aromas of red berry fruits, floral notes and spice. It’s fresh and fruity on the palate, and savory with a mineral finish.

Sowing the seed in 2003, Michael Schmelzer, who is American, moved to Italy with his family and purchased 10ha of organic vineyards, in the "belly button of Chianti Classico" at Monte Bernardi. When he planted in 2005 and began farming biodynamically, he did not yet know what it would entail or how difficult it would be, but he did know that conventional vineyards tend to spray when it rains, to help prevent the grapes from rotting, and that these chemicals simply wash off of the vines and into the soil. He decided that if he built from the roots, from the base up, then he would have healthy vines that were less frequently inundated with mold and pests."

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