2016 Mongarda Prosecco Valdabbiadene Brut, 750ml

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A dry Prosecco produced from organically grown grapes, primarily Glera but include a couple of rather obscure varieties called Verdiso and Bianchetta. Some of the vines date back the 1950s and are not treated with weedkillers, rather all unwanted plants are mowed down by hand. Whole-culter pressed, native yeast fermentation in the Charmat method. Lightly flitered and bottled with a very small dosage of only 4 grams per liter.

From the mouth of the importer (David Bowler):

"The Mongarda story began in 1978, when Bruno Tormena decided to dedicate himself full-time to the career of vignaiolo.  As a youngster he learned the art of vine cultivation while working with his grandfather in family vineyards in the locality of Mongarda, from which the estate takes its name.  Bruno transmitted his passion to his son, Martino, who has run the estate since 2011.  Martino is a recent graduate of the enology school in Conegliano and he has intensified his family’s commitment to their land and the quality of their wines."

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