2016 Migot Cuvee Gamay, 750ml

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Cold climate red wine from oft-forgetten small wine region of Côtes de Toul. This is in Lorraine along the French stretch of the Moselle river, a region overshadowed by the neighboring areas of Alsace and Mosel Valley of Germany. However, despite its small production it makes of exception wines, with the reds retaining vibrant acidity. Certified organic farming, native yeast fermentation and only lightly filtered prior to bottling.

From the mouth of the importer (Vom Boden):

"Camille Migot is most certainly serious. He is a young dude; his first vintage was 2013. Migot’s family has been working the vineyards around here for some 13 generations. Thus he has some pretty concrete ideas of what he will and won’t do. The estate, only five hectares in size, is certified organic and the vineyard work is impressive. If these sites aren’t famous, they are loved. You can feel it (and you can see it). Every grape is hand-harvested. In the cellar, Camille is part of the younger generation looking past the “technologies” of the past few decades and returning to something more basic. All fermentations are carried out by natural yeasts. Élevage can be in both stainless steel or neutral oak; bottling is carried out with only the lightest of filtering."

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