2016 Martha Stoumen Post Filtration Red,750ml

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Stoumen is a winemaker for the Living Wines Collective but also has her own line of wines that have proved to be exceptional examples of what is possible with the heritage varieties of California. Her Post Flirtation is 65% Carignan and 35% Zinfandel made under a minimalist philosophy of wild yeasts, no chemicals in the vineyards and very lightly sulfured. 

Notes from the producer:

"This is a zippy, glou glou (french wine slang for gulpable) version of a traditional California red blend:

At only 11.3% alcohol this wine showcases all of the raspberry, hibiscus, and rhubarb zing that these two grapes can exhibit when picked on the fresher side. This is the perfect chillable red you’ll be grabbing for as the weather starts warming up."

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