2016 Jurtschitsch Belle Naturelle Gruner Veltliner,750ml

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Gotta love that Gruner. Particularly expressive and unique examples like the Belle Nature. Organic grapes fermented in neutral oak with 2 weeks of skin contact and left unfined, unfiltered and barely sulfured. Floral and mildly tannic.

From the mouth of the importer (David Bowler):

"Jurtschitsch is a very important winery in the Kamptal, with a rich history. The press house is from the 16th century and they have a 700 year-old natural, cool cellar. They farm organically not only for the wines they are making today, but also to preserve their vineyards for future generations. They are best known for their single-vineyard wines that are fermented with their own wild ambient yeasts and gentle, traditional vinification methods."

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