2018 Julian Haart 1000L Mosel Riesling,750ml

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Named for the fact that the importer buys an entire foder of this Riesling (a foder being a 1000 liter barrel). This is the base level wine, and an absolute steal regardless, for Julian Haart. He studied under renowned German winemakers Egon Müller and Klaus Peter Keller and made his first wine with AJ Adams, nothing to scoff at indeed. He now hand tends his vines out of topographical necessity resulting in some really stunning Riesling.

From the importers mouth (Vom Boden):

"The estate has grown to a little more than four hectares and this is, roughly, where Julian wants it to stay. Part of the joy of winemaking, for Julian, is doing everything himself, or with his wife Nadine, or with some friends. This is vineyard work, and winemaking, at the most human scale. Nearly everything must be done by hand – most of the vineyards are steep as hell and most of them are terraced. Even walking through them is a bit hazardous."

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