2016 Jakob Schneider "Melaphyr" Riesling Trocken, 750ml

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A bone-dry, savory and crisp Riesling from the Nahe, a true lesson in what 'minerality' means without breaking the bank. The Schneider family's hands in the wine industry go back to the 1575 and have apparently picked a thing or two up. Melaphyr references to a type of soil common in the region, and this is there entry-level dry white and a wild fermented cuvee. Prepare yourself for fluidly integrated notes of celery seed, cucumbers, Haribo gummi bears and slate-chalk-quartz rocks 

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"This morning the Globe ran a story on Premier Cru, and all the people who lost money with them. I’ve given up being pissed at the whole “collector mentality,” but right now while I think of Jakob Schneider I find my blood simmering. All those world-class great wines are out of the purview of people who deserve to drink them—by which I mean you and me —because their prices have been bidden through the roof by rich fucks and asshole speculators, and I’m happy these people took such a bath. It serves them right.

Meanwhile I’m about to offer you Rieslings from some of the world’s most elite and precious vineyards, from a family so intimately connected to their land they aren’t consciously aware of being “connected” because it’s like oxygen to them. These wines cost less than they’re worth. They will never be “commodities.” 

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