2016 J & H Selbach Zeller Schwarze Katz Riesling, 750ml

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An off-dry, that is very mildly sweet, Riesling from one of the regions most famous for its production, the Mosel Valley. Zell is a village with a long history of winemaking and there is a local legend of a black cat guarding a barrel of wine there so aggressively it was presumed to be special. We recommend googling Zeller Schwarze Katz to see the many glorious labels inspired by this tale. Good acidity, medium-bodied and the light degree of residual sugar makes it an ideal companion to a meal of spicy dishes like Indian, Thai and Mexican cuisine.

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"J&H Selbach is the proprietary brand for the regional wines of Johannes Selbach. Johannes uses his long-standing relationships with growers around the Mittelmosel to source quality grapes for these cuvees. Though many Piesporters and Bernkastelers of dubious quality are available in the market, Johannes and his team work hard to ensure a level of quality and continuity from vintage to vintage, while keeping these wines inexpensive and serving as a great introduction to Mosel Riesling."

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