2016 Inteus "Aviadores del Terruno" Tempranillo Blanco, 750ml

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An oily medium bodied white with caramel, chamomile and melon notes. A real wintertime white and able to be paired with hearty foods. Organically farmed Tempranillo Blanco, a natural color mutation of the more widely planted red variety. 

From the mouth of the importer (Coeur Wine Company):

"Luís Palacio’s father planted the first certified organic vineyard in Rioja in 1980, and quickly converted the rest of his family’s holding when he saw the results. Three decades later, Luís has the most beautiful vineyards in Rioja—pools of green life in a desert of red clay. A plot of 150 year-old own-rooted graciano and tempranillo peludo vines provide the genetic material for four generations of vineyards, the last of which Luís planted himself. His debonair wine reflects the simple genius of generations of patience and observation—distinctive fruit, thoughtfully presented."

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