2016 Holger Koch Spatburgunder,750ml

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A tart cherry noted, light-bodied, dry red from the Swabian vineyards of southern Germany. There are exceptional values to be had from German Pinot Noir, especially compared to their counterparts across the French border. The Spatburgunder is grown in sandy Loess soils around the town of Bickensohl. Organic farming, minimal intervention in the cellar with only small additions of sulfur.

From the mouth of the importer (Selection Massale):

"After a few years studying his land and getting a clear idea of what is best for his wines, he now makes the finest Pinots -- Noir, Blanc and Gris -- in Swabia. Holger's rules are simple. There is no dogma, just absolute pristine viticulture, and a belief in the idea that several days in the vineyard are preferable to a quick fix in the cellar, where Holger's touch is light indeed. Chaptalization and yeasting are viewed with suspicion, if not disdain (there was a sense of sorrow in his voice when Holger once informed us that he'd had to inoculate a cuvée to fix a fermentation that had gotten stuck from an overabundance of fructose), and the elevage of each wine is approached with a rare thoughtfulness and flexibility.

The Pinot Noir, which is all selection massale, is a fantastic expression of the terroir of Bickensohl. The wine is punchy and very very precise, and while it can age to reveal a heady black fruited richness, it never seems to lose the detail that serves to define it."

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