2016 Hexamer Quartzit Riesling,750ml

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A shiny and crisp off-dry Riesling from the Nahe area of southern Germany. Quartzit refers to the soil type that the vines grow in, the quartz heavy rocky dirt of Meddersheimer Rheingrafenberg. Sustainable farming and fermented with native yeast and aged in stainless steel tanks.

From the mouth of the importer (Skurink/Terry Theise):

"When tasting the wines, one sees the purity of the vineyards, the intensity of minerality and remarkable clarity. Hexamer’s wines are balanced in the ultraviolet spectrum; they’re steely, acid-driven, clean and transparent.

This has become perfect over the past few years— much less sweet than it once was; now it is deep, multi-layered, crackery (rye and seeds), grape-hyacinth aromas alongside cherry and plum-blossom; actually exciting wine, serious and diligent"

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