2016 Hatton Daniels Blaufrankisch, 750ml

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Deep purple, blue-fruited dry red with anise herbal notes and bretty funk. A rare example of a Californian Blaufrankisch, a variety most widely grown in central Europe and within American more common to New York and other cool climate states. However, Lodi seems to have a bit of everything if you're willing to hunt it down. Practicing organics in the vineyard, native yeast fermentation,no sulfur added and bottled unfiltered. A great expression of new Californian experimentation.

Notes from the producer:

"After a little bit of experimentation in 2014 and 2015, we decided to take a little from each vintage for 2016. As in 2015, we picked the Blaufränkisch earlier, at the same time as the Zweigelt, even though this means it is quite low in sugar, but we decided to fully de-stem the clusters, as we had done in 2014. I felt that in 2015 the stems interfered slightly with the wine, whereas I liked the purity of the 2014 version without stems. I think this change has been successfully, as there are a lot of subtle flavors in the wine that I think may have been overwhelmed by stem flavors. Fermentation went smoothly, as did malolactic, and the wine was aged in old oak barrels for about four months. This vintage the wine was very stable in barrel, so we were able to avoid any sulfur usage at all, bottling with no sulfur addition, unfined and unfiltered."

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