2016 Gysler Pet-Nat,750ml

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An dry ancestral method sparkler that melodically combines earthy funk and delicate flowers and fruit notes. Half-and-half two grapes crossed by the viticulturist Georg Scheu: Huxelrebe known for floral notes and Scheurebe which often expresses tropical fruit flavors. Biodynamically farmed grapes from Rheinhessen, left unfiltered so it has a hazy yellow appearance.

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"Well well. It’s 50-50 Scheurebe and Huxel and it’s all kinds of purple-hair tat-covered copiously-pierced man-bunned hairy-mole funky—but also vibrant and earthy and a bit too eager to burst into song, maybe. Four atmospheres, by the way. It’s ecstatic and uncontained and invites you to do indecent things."

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