2016 Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner Langenlois, 750ml

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Austria's most important white varieties made at one of Austria's best wineries. A historic estate, founded by monk back in 1171, Schloss Gobelsburg has been producing high quality wines from centuries. It is now operated by Eva and Michael Moosbrugger, friends and students of the awesome Austrian winemaker Willi Bründlmayer. In fact Michael has won several awards as top winemaker in his own right since taking over. Sustainable agriculture and practices very traditional, even old school, techniques in the cellar, guiding by the the winemaker's taste and less on technology.

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"I was wary. Yet another wine? Sure, I understand this is a “village” wine to lead in to the Crus coming up, and I appreciate how Michi didn’t want to jump from the negoç wine directly to Steinsetz. But whew, we got a lot of skus as it is…

..The first sip demolished my concerns. It contains young-vines juice from the sites Redling, Thal, Lamm (!), Renner and Grub, which makes those wines even better. It shows superb focus in an herbal direction; hyssop and spearmint, leading into a spicy finish that leaves a tingle behind. Mid-palate is tense and vigorous, with “physio” sweetness."

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