2016 Friend & Farmer Tempranillo, 750ml

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An exceptionally valued biodynamic dry red from the La Mancha region of central Spain. A vision of three brothers from the region who partnered with Antonio Ponce of Bodegas Ponce to make certified organic and biodynamic wines at an accessible price point. Tempranillo is one of Spain's most important red varieties and this is a minimally intervened version with no added sulfites, no fining and only light filtering then aged in steel tanks.

From the most of the importer (T. Edward):

"The Parra brothers work two vineyards near the town of Las Mesas. One is Entresendas (between paths) sitting in a dried river bed. These rich, alluvial soils are perfect for the cultivation of grapes reflecting light and heat and ensuring drainage. The other vineyard is Olla del Monte is perhaps easily represented by its other name: Cuesta Colorá, the colored slope. This gentle slope is covered in chalky clay and a fine layer of pebbles on the surface that capture and radiate the heat of the sun—a key benefit during the desert nights."

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