2016 Familia Cecchin Mendoza Malbec, 750ml

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A third generation estate in Mendoza making a natural and less concentrated version of Malbec. The grapes are from low yielding 80 year old vines that're farmed organically, fermented with natural yeasts during a long maceration period, and bottled unfiltered and without ever having any sulfites added. Hearty and full-bodied dry red wine that is great for pairing with red meats. We recommended letting the wine breathe to get its more subtle notes, it really opens up with oxygen.

From the mouth of the producer:

"We take the fruits at the right time respecting their own space and time, thus, our process of production and natural production accompanies the environment, sustaining the continuity of "non-chemical" until bringing the product to the tables. Wines, oils and grape juices are worked with the same philosophy that -for more than 100 years ago- Santiago and María knew how to transmit cultivating this "way of doing homework."

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