2016 Familia Cecchin Mendoza Graciana, 750ml

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A medium-bodied, red-fruited and gentle aromatic dry red made in Mendoza, Argentina of a Spanish grape variety. Called Graciano in Rioja, where the grape is used commonly in blends, yet is well-suited to make lovely mono-variety bottling. Cecchin's vines are decades old and farmed organically without pesticides. The wine is fermented with native yeasts and only given a small doses of sulfites. 

From the mouth of the producer:

"We take the fruits at the right time respecting their own space and time, thus, our process of production and natural production accompanies the environment, sustaining the continuity of "non-chemical" until bringing the product to the tables. Wines, oils and grape juices are worked with the same philosophy that -for more than 100 years ago- Santiago and María knew how to transmit cultivating this "way of doing homework."

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