2016 E&M Berger Gruner Veltliner, 1L

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A clean, crisp everyday liter of wine made of Austria's most important white grape variety. A great value for an organically grown grapes with enough wine in the bottle to share. Fermented in stainless steel without any oak aged to perverse the fruitiness of the wine. Plays well with all sorts of vegetables and chicken.

From the mouth of the importer (Skurink):

"With Erich Berger’s guidance, the winery has implemented methods to produce wines that focus on varietal character and terroir. The white wines grow on steep loess terraces which characterize the landscape of the eastern part of the Kremstal. These terraces store heat during the day and reflect it onto the vines at night producing wines with unique fruity, fresh and bright flavors. The red wines are grown at the top of the hills where more humus-rich soils dominate and give the wines length, body, spice and lush fruit. Vineyards are maintained according to the latest organic guidelines. In the winery, efforts are made to preserve the fruit character by using cultured yeast in combinations with slow fermentations that are temperature controlled. The white wines are then aged exclusively in stainless steel, while the red wines are matured in traditional oak vats."

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