2016 Duport Bugey "Fluer de Chardonnay", 750ml

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A lightly oaked and full-bodied Alpine Chardonnay from near the border with Switzerland. Despite the high altitude the wine is very reminiscent of a Macon Chardonnay. Excellent everyday white wine for a before, during or after dinner. Practicing organic agriculture and fermented with native yeasts.

From the mouth of the importer (Savio Soares):

"Working with nature without distorting it. Like a conductor, you have a score. Working with the vintage's vines, soil and climate are the notes that nature forces you to follow. From soil to plant, then from fruit to juice, a symphony of aromas develops. It's all about balance. Scientific advances also allow me to ensure the reliability of my grape production without using chemical fertilisers, weed killers or pesticides. It's another way of reclaiming your craft. The final touch is to give it your signature, your personality. Never forget that the terroir's value is the direct result of the passion of the people transforming it."

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