2016 Dominio del Urogallo "La Fanfarria" Asturias, 750ml

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Bursting with liveliness, bright acidity and at a quaffable 12% ABV it will be hard not to crush the entire bottle in one go. Brilliantly done additive-free winemaking from an obscure pocket of the grape-growing world. 50/50 blend of Mencia and Albarín Negro biodynamically farmed and made without anything extra, not even sulfites added. 

From the mouth of the importer (Zev Rovine):

"Nico is a native of Toro where his family has made wine for generations and still does to this day. That’s actually where he cut his teeth in winemaking, surprisingly, if you consider the style of wines he’s making today. It was his stage with Alain Graillot in the Rhone Valley that changed his life and understanding of wine, essentially bringing him from Toro to Cangas del Narcea, where he believed he could make the shift from the powerful wines he was used to drinking to delicate wines he had grown to love.

In addition to biodynamic farming, he’s making wine without the use of additives. Time moves slowly in Cangas and it is no different in his cellar. Most of his wines are barrel aged and spend at least two full winters decanting naturally making filtering or fining unnecessary. If it’s our job to find well made natural wines, Nico is our testament to a job well done."

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