2017 Domaine de La Pepiere "La Pepie" Muscadet Sevre et Maine, 750ml

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Long gone are the days when Muscadet is relegated to the under $10 bin. Thankfully. This Muscadet is all about soil, place, and beauty. Marc Olivier, the dynamic farmer and winemaker from the Loire does nothing but produce some of the most crystalline, frank, and utterly scrumptious wine. You got shallots and butter and white meat? Add a glass of this wine to the table and watch it sing and the will bottle dissapear. Only 12% alc. Drink more than 2 glasses. And age it 5 years. You will be rewarded if you can resist.

From the mouth of the importer:

"Muscadet stopped being interesting because it was made like a Vin de Pays. What I mean by that is the wine's relation to terroir was completely abandoned. Technology was what mattered to people, not terroir. Like any A.O.C in France, if the vines are maintained and their is a real point of interest, you can make varied, interesting wines. " -- Marc Ollivier

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