2016 Castel Noarna Lagrein Rose,750ml

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A zippy, medium-bodied, dry dark rose, or perhaps light red if you prefer, made of the Lagrein grape in a traditional shortly macerated style. Known as a Kretzer, are dark rose of richly colored Lagrein has a history in the Alpine region of Alto Adige in Northern Italy. Organic viticulture and native yeast fermentation with low intervention winemaking utilizing only tiny sulfur doses.

From the mouth of the importer (Selection Massale):

"The family domaine was put together by his father, who bought the castle (yep, there really is one, and Marco makes his wine with in its 10th Century cellars) and surrounding vineyards, which are situated on the lower slopes of the mountains that tower either side of the little town of Rovereto. Although his father was not a vigneron (like most growers in the village, he sold each years' crop to the cooperative), Marco knew from an early age that he wanted to make wine, and since 1989, Marco has been (fanatically) tending the vineyards and making the wine at Castel Noarna, as well as helping his wife to run the best hotel/restaurant in town.

The castle and the vineyards lie on east/southeast facing slopes at about 350 meters above sea level -- these are high alititude vineyards, similar to those of Belluard in the Haute-Savoie, and Knauss and Beurer in Swabia. The soils, which Marco has worked organically since 2008 are rich in minerals and poor in organic matter, and exactly what's needed for making of grands vins. Limestone, our favorite, quartz, slate, silt."

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