2016 Cascina Tavijn Ruschena Ruchè, 750ml

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Aromatic, dry red wine from the native Piedmontese grape called Ruche. An overlooked and unrated varietal, Ruche, it has always been valued in its home region, being saved for special occasions. Grapes are grown organically, hand harvesting and fermented in large, old barrels build of Slavonian oak. Very lightly filtered but not fined. Spicy, red flower petals and dark red fruits... so good.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"Nadia Verrua, la padronina of Cascina 'Tavijn works in an area of the Asti province of Piedmont long forgotten. Fortunately it is an area blessed with old vines and unique varieties. Nadia is young, gifted and very professional. She has taken over the family’s estate where her father still manages the vineyard work. The cellar, however, is all Nadia’s.

Ruché produces a wine of saturated purple with plum notes and rose petal aromas. It is made to be drunk young and, again is a perfect wine for salumi, dried meats like bresaola or dried cacciorini and hard, aged cheeses."

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