2016 Brundlmayer "Kamptaler Terrassen" Riesling, 750ml

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A slightly rounder and herbaceous version of dry Riesling that isn't without peaks of refreshing acidity from a world-class Austrian producer. The grapes are from the Kamptal region of northern Austria, one of the most geological diverse areas of Europe with a climate superbly suited to viticulture. Only organic fertilizers are used in the vineyards and cover crops are allowed to grow between the rows of elegantly terraced vines.

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"As generous as the K-T GrüVe is in ’16, the Riesling is rather more Calvinist. It’s zingy and focused, with the flowy juiciness of the year; tarragon and spearmint and salts; not acid-driven as such, but neon buzzing high tones; Riesling for those who relish a little Altoid sting"

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