2016 Belluard "Les Alpes" Gringet, 750ml

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A rare Alpine variety, Gringet, that is barely clung to existence in France's Savoy region. A very textural wine, with oddly tropical fruit at opening that transforms into a saline and herbal experience. Organic farming, native yeasts and very long sulfur use.

From the mouth of the importer (Selection Massale):

"Prior to Dom rediscovering the variety, Gringet was used almost exclusively for sparkling wine intended for casual chugging. Dom honors that heritage and makes two beautiful sparkling Gringets. He also explores the grape’s potential for still wines and has found it to be expressive of Ayze’s terroir and delicious. In addition, Dom makes still wines with two other, more common Savoyard varieties – Altesse (also called Rousette) and Mondeuse. Dom’s cellar practices are as careful and thoughtful as his farming. All fermentations are native and elevage typically occurs in cement or stainless steel. Dom sees great potential in cement eggs for elevage and has invested greatly in them, as he thinks the movement on the lees suits Gringet particularly well.

Les Alpes is Dom’s still Gringet bottling. Always fresh, aromatic in a very delicate way, and often a wine of texture. From grapes grown at 350 meters."

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