2017 A.J. Adam Spatburgunder Rose,750ml

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An extremely light-hued, tart and racy rose made of Pinot Noir, or Spatburgunder as the Germans call it. Andreas Adam is based south of the town of Piesport in the Mosel Valley where is largely cultivated Riesling on his family's estate that he revived. This rose is in fact the only non-Riesling wine he makes, but it could fool you into thinking it was a lean, tart white all the same. 

Form the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"Sure we’d taste it. And then, presumably, forget it. But no; the first impression was, “This is really good.” Really EFFING good, I’ll have you know. It grows on a group of steep slate vineyards next-door to the Rieslings, and shows literally fantastic fruit and twangy slate; elegant and limpid. I can’t remember a more interesting Rosé from Germany, and in my portfolio you have to go to Prieler to taste anything as complex as this. Calm, caressing, yet smoky and buzzingly slatey. I was literally amazed. My gob is only just recovering from the smacking it received."

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