2015 Xavier Courant L'Oubliee "Les Valseues" VDF Chenin Pet-Nat, 750ml

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Xavier Courrant grows Chenin Blanc in Bourgeuil, a true rarity among the acres of Caberent Franc the predominate the appellation. A former wine retailer in Paris, Courrant purchased his first plots in 2009 and began organically farming his own grapes. Les Valseues is his pet-nat, a natural dry sparkling wine. Stunning flavors of honey and apples.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"As a youth I'd always wanted to sneak a bottle of wine in to a movie theater, and pair wine with film like you would with food! You can also do this with music. You can even do this with a book, but if you end up drinking the entire bottle I doubt you'll read it all the way through!" -  Xavier Courant

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