2016 Ulivi "Semplicimente" Rosso, 750ml

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The winemaker and grape grower Stefano Bellotti took over his family’s small farmer in Gavi in the 1980s and soon stumbled into embracing organic farming, a methodology that was largely unknown in Italy at the time. A full-fledged farm he grows vegetables, fruit, cereals and keeps livestock as well as tending to his vines. He converted the vineyard to biodynamic agriculture in 1985 and has been producing superb interesting natural wines ever since. Acidity from the barbera, structure from the dolcetto, several notches avoid your average table wine.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"We need to all work together, and people need to come back to peasantry. If we want to see another evolution in humanity, it has to go through agriculture." - Stefano Bellotti of Cascina degli Ulivi on natural agriculture

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