2015 Tire Pe Les Malbecs, 750ml

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A slightly lighter, more nuanced version of Malbec from Bordeaux, where the variety has become far less widely grown but was historically very important. The grapes are certified organic, fermented with indigenous yeasts in concrete tanks and bottled without filtration. Expressions of blackberries and red currants that possess mild tannins and acidic minerality. 

From the mouth of the importer (Jenny & Francois):

"David and Hélène Barrault took over this small vineyard in ’97. Blessed with rich clay and limestone soils this vineyard possesses fantastic southern exposures and overlooks the Gironde River. The chateau takes its name from a colorful local tale about what small animals “leave behind” before climbing the Tire Pé hill. The Barrault’s farm ten to fifteen year-old vines organically and great care is taken to gently extract the supple fruit and terroir, that Bordeaux is so well known for, into each cuvee they produce."

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