2016 Tiago Teles Bairrada "Maria da Graca", 750ml

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A Portuguese red from the central region of Bairrada. A co-fermention of 90% Alfrocheiro, a red grape common in the region's blends, and 10% Bical, a native white variety. Hand harvested and de-stemmed before ferment, then allowed to age of 10 months.

From the mouth of the importer (Savio Soares):

"Tiago holds two qualities above all else: freedom and friendship, both gained out of their family’s history and passion for the sea.  It is this motivation that leads them to craft wines with ethical relationships, starting with the treatment of the vines all the way down to the final product in the community. In the cellar they aim to allow the wines to make themselves, setting aside anything that might distort the true expression of the grapes, while keeping an open mind to new methods that might pop up. "

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