2015 Pierre Frick Alsace "Cuvee Classique" Pinot Blanc, 750ml

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From the borderlands of France and Germany, a refined white wine of the pinot blanc. Pierre Frick has been farming biodynamically since 1981. 

From the mouth of the importer (T. Edwards):

"In the cellar, Frick stopped chaptalization of most of their wines in 1980, and of all of their wines in 1988. Employing natural yeasts only, Frick will jumpstart a stalled fermentation by topping off the cask. To better develop an Alsatian character, they let the wines lie on its fine lees for 5 to 9 months, in oak casks that are up to a century old, without any additional stirring... Forever a purist, Frick uses bottle caps in lieu of cork to avoid cork taint, arguing that all Champagne is kept under cap prior to disgorgement."

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