2015 Monteversa IGT Colli Euganei "Primaversa" Pet-Nat, 750ml

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A dry, and I mean completely dry, sparkling Moscato. Though much more famous for making a softly fizzy sweet wine, there is something transcendent about a dry version of the aromatic Moscato Giallo grape. Floral, yeasty with citrus and pear notes, it delicately dances on the palate. Organically grown grapes and as it is a Pet-Nat it is bottled before fermentation finishes to make natural bubbles without any sulfites added nor filtration.

From the mouth of the importer (Vinotas):

"Coming from 20 year old vines grown on chalky, clay soils, this sparkling wine is a fun little bubbly. Hand-harvested, the grapes are pressed lightly and fermented naturally in tanks. Unfermented juice is added back to the wine, resulting in a secondary fermentation in bottle. Undosed, unfined, unfiltered and unsulfured, this is a fun breezy bubbly that's closed with a crown cap. The end result is a wine that has tiny beads and is redolent of lemon, grapefruit and pine resin, ending with a long clean finish."

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