2015 Mas Coutelou Bibonade Rose Sparkling, 750ml

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A fizzy, natty and fruity blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, and Cinsault. Mas Coutelou has been biodynamic since 1987, all the wines are made with native yeasts and little to no sulfites are added. 

From the mouth of the importer (Camille Rivière Selection):

"The entire vineyard has been farmed and certified organic since 1987. These vineyards have not seen chemical fertilizers, synthetic products for over twenty five years. Jean-Francois’s father was one of the pioneers of organic viticulture in the Hérault (one of the two departments in the Languedoc, the other one being l’Aube), when there were just seven organic wine growers in the department, with a total of just 40 hectares, registered with “Nature et Progrès” (back then, the AB/Ecocert certifying agency’s did not exist).

Viticulture is rigorous and involves frequent plowing (chenillard or by hand), severe pruning, trellising, and leaf plucking are all done manually. Yields are limited to 20-35hl/ hectares.

Vinification is adapted to the varietal and vintage (long/short maceration, traditional/carbonic maceration, punch down/pump over). Only indigenous yeasts are used, SO2 input is minimal or non existant in order to preserve the authentic character of the wines. The absence of SO2 use is made possible because of the experience acquired in the vineyard, since over 25 years. Bottling is made by gravity without any filtration."

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