2015 Laurent Barth Gewurztraminer Vielles Vignes, 750ml

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Floral, fruity dry white wine from the cool northern climates of Alsace. Biodynamic farming and Barth fermets everything with the native yeasts found on the grapes. The wines take the long, slow natural fermentation that requires much more attention and care but yields more interesting results. Low amounts are sulfur are used as necessary, but well below the industry standards.

From an interview with the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"A work philosophy always grows in time. It was my goal to work the vines organically, but over the last few vintages I've decided to incorporate biodynamics. This element of evolution and adaptation is the key to being a vigneron, and it's also what makes it such a charming career.

As far as indigenous yeasts, it was obvious. I'd seen it function all over the world and knew it wasn't a risk as long as the juice was pure. If the grapes are clean, if they are well selected at harvest, you get much more substance. Fermentations are longer and harder to execute, but that's the price to pay for complexity. "

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