2015 Koehler Ruprecht Kallstadter Steinacker Riesling Kabinett, 750ml

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A creamy, citrus-peach and floral off-dry Riesling from an organic winery in Pfalz. An ideal wine for pairing with spicy curry, Chinese or Thai food. The estate is hundreds of years old but has moved to a natural winemaking philosophy and greatly reducing treating the vines with chemicals, while abandoning irrigation and fertilizers. Only minimal doses of sulfites are used after the native yeast ferment the wine.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"Koehler-Ruprecht has existed since the 1700's, but Bernd Phillipi's hard work over the last 30 years has solidified the winery's world class reputation. Bernd's biggest inspiration was his grandfather, and the wines reflect an attitude of winemaking more akin to the 1900's than the 2000's. In the vineyard, no irrigation, fertilizers or herbicides are ever used, and systemic treatments against pests or fungal illness are kept to a minimum, only in the rare cases when necessary. In the cellar, long spontaneous fermentations occur in large, old German oak barrels with extended lees contact. Nothing is ever added or subtracted to the wine, and sulfur is only added moderately after alcoholic fermentation and before bottling."

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