2015 Kiralyudvar Furmint Sec, 750ml

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A clean, bright dry white from the famous vines of Hungary's Tokaj region. While Tokaj gained renown as a sweet wine drank in the court's of European monarchs, Tony Hwang has taken inspiration from the Vouvary wines of the Loire Valley. He treats the native white variety, Furmint like Chenin, making both still and sparkling and dry and sweet styles, with this cuvee being his bone-dry, tartly crisp bottling. 85% Furmint, 15% Hárslevelu, all grown biodynamically.

From the mouth of the importer (Rare Wine Co):

"Tony Hwang’s purchase of Kiràlyudvar resulted from a visit to Budapest that year, when he drank a Tokaji Aszú recommended by a sommelier. The wine, with its profound identity and razor-sharp balance, made such an impression that Tony drove more than 200 kilometers the next day to Tokaj, where he discovered Kiràlyudvar (pronounced Kee-RYE-oohd-var).

Just a few months after his visit, Tony purchased this estate, which for centuries had supplied Imperial wine to the Hapsburgs. The famed Tokaj winemaker Ivan Szepsy became Tony’s partner, helping him rehabilitate the vineyards, while the château itself was rebuilt. With time, Szepsy departed, and Tony assumed the reins full-time. Along the way, he was counseled by Noël Pinguet of the Loire Valley's greatest Vouvray producer, Domaine Huët, of which Tony is also a partner. Noël’s collaboration would prove invaluable, particularly his advice to convert the estate to biodynamic viticulture."

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