2015 Hexamer Grauburgunder "vom Porphyr" Trocken, 750ml

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Grauburgunder is German name for Pinot Gris, (Grey + Burgundian, they're such logical people). Porphyr refers the igneous rock that is found in the soil of the vineyard, which imparts the strong sense of minerality to the finished wine. Creamy and dusty with salt and stone notes. Hexamer practices sustainable viticulture, mindful of the impact of chemicals on the natural balance in their fields. Winemaking is non-interventionist with native yeasts from the grapes spark the fermentation.

From the the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"3rd-use oak from local forests—1200-liter cask, in which about one-third of the wine was aged—but the headline here is PINOT GRIS ON PORPHYRY; Harald bought the vineyard thinking to plant Riesling, but wondered what sort of wine those P-Gris vines might give on such an unusual soil. What a gesture of terroir this is! It’s a fascinating refutation of the theory that terroir is only transmitted (or rendered, or narrated, pick your metaphor) by grape variety—and if you want further examples of the fatuousness of this idea, I direct your schnoz to Steinertal or Achleiten in the Wachau, whose soil-signatures are such as to supersede the variety planted.

This wine comes from the site In Den Felsen (Among-The-Cliffs) and has all the smoky Chinese 5-spice mojo of porphyry. You have never tasted a Pinot Gris like it, and you really shouldn’t be without it."

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