2015 Grosjean Torrette Valle d'Aosta, 750ml

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A robust and spicy red from the Aosta Valley, a small French and Arpitan speaking region of northern Italy. A torrette is always blended wine made of varieties native to this region, with Grosjean's being composed of 80% Petit Rouge and the remainder being Vien de Nus, Doucet, Fumin and Mayolet. Biodynamically farmed, native yeast fermentation, aged in steel vats, and only a small dosage of sulfur after malolactic fermentation has completed. An awesome example of natural Alpine wine.

From the mouth of the importer (Rosenthal):

"The Grosjean family traces its roots back to the village of Fornet in the high mountain passes of the Valle d’Aosta known as Valgrisenche where they raised cattle. During the summer months, the family cultivated grapes and chestnuts on the slopes at lower altitude, stocking up on wine to supply themselves over the long winters. In 1969, Dauphin Grosjean, the father of the five sons that now collaborate to produce the wines of this estate, was encouraged to present his wine at the local “wine expo”. The exceptional quality of his work was recognized and the entire family became engaged in the expansion of the vineyards and in the production of wine."

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