2015 Franz Hirtzberger Donaugarten Gruner Veltliner, 750ml

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A Steinfeder is a rarely seen stateside designation for an earlier harvested Gruner Veltliner, resulting in higher acidity and a fresh greenness. A bright, expressive version of the classic white variety of Austria. Sustainably farmed, fermented in steel with indigenous yeasts then aged in large old fourdes.

From the mouth of the importer (Weygandt):

"Franz Hirtzberger and F.X. Pichler (now Lucas Pichler) are the pillars of the Wachau, literally and figuratively. They are the geographic pillars, representing the two ends, Loiben and Spitz. They are the stylistic pillars; the richness of the warmer eastern end, compared to the minerality and purity of the cooler western end of the Wachau. And they are the qualitative pillars; by the consensus of most the two greatest producers of the Wachau, indeed of dry whites in Austria."

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