2015 Franck Peillot Bugey Mondeuse, 750ml

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A peppery and moderately tannic red from the mountainous southeastern French regions of Savoy. Mondeuse is indigenous to this area, that while it was declining in plantings during the 1970s is rebounding as new winemakers are rediscovering its charms. Franck Peiloot grows his in the southern part of Savoy called Bugey. Considered an aromatic red with bitter cherry flavors.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner:

"I do my best to keep everything I deem harmful to a minimum: I'll do what I have to to protect my vineyards and then I'll stop, and I make sure that the last treatment is always as far away from the actual harvest as possible. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a Cartesian in that I believe what I see, and as long as their is no chemical or artificial residue in my wine, then I feel that I did my job correctly. I occasionally enter my wines at tasting events organized by Vinnatur (Angiolino Maule's association), which mostly feature organic and biodynamic wines: the analysis for my wines always qualify so I hope that gives you an idea of how clean the wines actually are." - Franck Piellot on his vineyard practices

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