2015 Filipa Pato "Post- Quercus" Baga, 1L

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A native Portuguese red variety made in a fashion that hearkens back to Roman techniques. The old vine Baga grapes are undergo an extended maceration on the skins in 300 liter clay amphora. The farming done organically in the Bairrada region, with native yeast fermentation undertaken. A juicy red with a silky texture and notes of cherry and plums.

From the mouth of the importer (Skurnik):

"There are few rules when it comes to building a portfolio, but one gold standard is that if you start with quality, you will attract more of the same. Fílipa is good friends with Alvaro Castro and Mário Sérgio (not to mention Heidi Schröck), Vasco Croft loves her wines, and you can guess the rest. This daughter of legendary Bairrada producer Luis Pato began by producing wines in the larger appellation of Beiras (and the Dão). She purchased a small winery in Bairrada, which she has now significantly expanded (by digging downwards!). Eventually, it is assumed, she will reunite with her father’s estate, but, in the meantime, she has carved a big international name for herself by dint of her strikingly expressive and honest wines, so reflective of her own character."

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