2015 Fabio Zambolin Feido Vino Rosso, 750ml

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A dry, tannic and dark cherry noted rustic red that'll pair well with a hardy dinner. Piedmontese blend of equal parts Nebbiolo, Croatina and Vespolina. The grapes are all from Lessona but because the winery straddles the border of appellations most of his wines can only be called Vino Rosso. Spontaneous fermentation in steel and aged 18 months in barrique. 

From the mouth of the importer (Field Blend Selections):

"Field Blend Selections is proud to be the first US importer of the wines of Fabio Zambolin. Fabio, a native of Cossata in the Alto Piemonte, is a cellar rat at Le Pianelle, where he works with famed consultant, Cristiano Garella. The two have been friends for some twelve years. While Fabio has been making his own wine since 2010 from a plot of vines inherited from his grandparents, Feldo and Lida, it was only with the 2014 vintage that Cristiano began to lend his consulting expertise.

In addition to the vines that Fabio inherited from his grandparents, he also has a long-term lease on a beautiful, mixed parcel of Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Croatina planted on a steep, terraced vineyard in the nearby Valdengo commune. These beautiful old vines are maintained entirely by him.

Fabio is one of a handful of producers that are leading a renaissance in the Alto Piemonte. This area of northern Piedmont was, in the late 19th and early 20th century, the largest area in Italy under vine, peaking in 1904 with over 45 thousand hectares. Bottles of Alto Piemonte wine fetched higher prices than Bordeaux and Burgundy. After a massive hailstorm in 1904 and the rise in the textile industry, the area was largely abandoned, dipping to only 2000 hecatare under vine in the 1980s. Savvy consumers are now recognizing that the distinct, low pH soils of the area make for remarkable wine values.

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