2015 Donati Camillo IGT Emilia Rosso Barbera, 750ml

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A old-school farmhouse version of dry sparkling red wine from Emilia-Romagna. Donati Camillo is a traditional producer of Lambrusco wines as was done before the advent of the bulk charmat method and laboratory bred yeast strains. The winery also doesn't limit itself to the grapes allowed by the Lambrusco DOC, hence this uncommon bottling of a sparkling Barbera. Organic farming, native yeasts, and refermentation in bottle for the fizz. Medium to light bodied, good acidity and mildly farmy this is a good funky wine for pairing with pasta dishes and cheeses.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"All the grapes, including the white, are fermented like red wines (with skin contact), without temperature control, and use no other controls or enhancers at fermentation, no fining, no acidification or de-acidification, no selected yeasts, etc...

The carbonation of these frizzante wines comes from the traditional method of refermentation in bottle, a method that does not require preservatives and which makes this wine, unlike those produced in charmat method, age better. The wines are not filtered and are topped with a crown cap (a traditional closure for some decades in this region). There may be resulting sediment and the bottles should be poured somewhat carefully without a lot of intense movement."

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