2015 Domaine Ledogar IGP Aude Carignan Blanc, 750ml

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A rare, white-skinned version of Carignan that makes an intensely crisp and full-bodied wine. 4th generation winemakers, Xavier and Mathieu, run the estate together. The vineyards are in the commune of Boutenac in the Languedoc, near the famed wall city of Carcassonne. The vines are managed biodynamic practices, following the lunar cycles and organic fertilizers. Their plow is horse-drawn and donkey are used to weed the fields. No chemicals added in the winemaking other than low to no suflur doses, native yeast fermentation.

Carignan Blanc is a seldom seen naturally white-berried mutation of of the red grape Carignan. Sometimes difficult to grow it because of its susceptible to disease, it has mostly fallen out of favor. It's noted for its full body, high acidity and low aromatic tendency.

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