2016 Domaine Charvin "A Cote" IGP Rouge,750ml

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A dry, medium-bodied red ideal for drinking with dinner. Domaine Charvin is best know as a producer of exceptional, traditionally made Chateauneuf-du-Pape, but for whatever reason had the notion to plant some Merlot grapes in 1999. This is blended in equal parts with Grenache planted in the 1970s, each grown organically and left unfiltered at bottling. Since Merlot is not allowed in the appellation, it goes by the more general labeling of Principaute d'Orange, a reference to the once sovereign principality present in the region.

From the mouth of the impoter (Weygandt-Metzler):

"While working with the same ethics, and from fields located on the fringes of the appellation, ‘à côté’ stands out from the production of Domaine Charvin’s classified wines as a less traditional wine and decidedly more "modern", in two words ‘à côté’."

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