2016 Dard et Ribo Saint Joseph Rouge, 750ml

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A graceful Syrah from the illustrious region of Saint Joseph in the Northern Rhone. Dard et Ribo is a partnership dating back to 1984, selling their natural wines before there are even a true market for them at the bars and cafes of Paris. Very small amount of their wines make it outside of France, and then are divided up across several nations leaving a limited allocation for wine shops in the US. 

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"In their cellar, part of a large farm building in the hamlet of Blanche-Laine in Mercurol, they craft subtle, unextracted Syrah for immediate enjoyment, and several whites from Roussanne and Marsanne. “What we like is natural wine because it’s alive, wine that does not necessarily have to be kept – just drunk and drunk again.” (François Ribo, quoted in John Livingstone-Learmonth’s The Wines of the Northern Rhône , p.382)

What is different with them is that they view Syrah as a grape giving elegant and pleasant wines, rather than sturdy, big, tannic wines. They want their wines to taste well quickly, not after years of cellaring to dissipate hard tannins. They even make a cuvée called “C’est le Printemps” that is released in the spring following the harvest, almost like a nouveau of Syrah. They tend to vinify by plot, because they have such a wide varieties of terroir and vine ages."

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